What really are a "Solar and Lunar Return Charts"?? and how they are composed and or "Work"?

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The lunar horoscope describes 28 days in a year, there are thirteen lunar horoscope. Each will position us for months to point to one important area of ​​life. If the moon is in the first house we'll be me in the spotlight, if the second attention will be on finance, in the third for a short time, it may be a contract, the fourth-related house and so in the first place krug.Naravno birth chart is the one that we will indicate whether a person has a general predisposition for it has been highlighted in a lunar horoscope.
For years, however, the essential look slow planet transits, and then when you find the important years for the solar horoscope to confirm and also to find lunar which is one month.
What can I do to you ... and to describe a very broad question, and generally Nehwal already do on others to give me feedback

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